Solving the Slaughterhouse Problem
August 18, 2010, 10:24 am
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If you missed it last week, here’s the story I did on Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange, VT.  The farm is one of many in the Northeast facing the problem of declining slaughterhouses, and thus a back-up in room to take animals to slaughter.  As you’ll see in the report, they’ve come up with a unique solution right on their own farm.


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Hi Jill,

Many thanks for coming out to our farm and doing this article about our building our own on-farm butcher shop. We enjoyed meeting you. We are all looking forward to the day when our animals can stay on our farm their whole lives rather than having to take the long trip to the butcher. Building our own facility is quite the adventure. The USDA and Vermont Meat Inspection of the Agency of Agriculture have both been most helpful with technical information but banks have not come through at all. So we have been bootstrapping it from our farm sales and the support of local businesses and individuals. We appreciate all the support we have gotten from the community with people buying CSA Pre-Buys of our pork to help fund the butcher shop. Viewers can go to our web site to learn more about our butcher shop and about how to save 30% (free processing) on the cost of our pastured pork and support our project through CSA Pre-Buys sized from a quarter pig all the way up to a lifetime of pork.

Thanks again!


-Walter & Holly Jeffries
Sugar Mountain Farm, LLC
Pastured Pigs in the mountains of Vermont

Comment by Walter Jeffries

I think you should be able to have Lake Champlain chocolate. While cocoa is not grown in your 100 mile radius. The resulting chocolate is produced within the defining radius and would suppport a great local company and since supporting local is a part of your experiment I think you should consider it. Maybe Lake Champlain Chocolate should produce a local chocolate in which every other ingredient is locally procured and organic as well. I would buy that.

Comment by H

Definitely have to make a all Vermont Chocolate-Maple Syrup bacon… I love all three. 🙂

Comment by Walter Jeffries

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